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Last week I was out at the Connect Conference for the Out-of-Home Industry.  Jack Myers (in the Bob Dylan t-shirt) knows how to MC the truth! My tweet: Out Of Home ad industry has been going digital and ready for Mobile @jackmyerscom #connect2014 #ooh 

The other Jack (Sullivan) from Starcom Mediavest is urging the industry to employ "Digital Designers" (nice term).

They talked about Mobile being a friend or foe... since it's obviously at the center of our world (particularly OOH), Mobile needs to be our best friend. The answer is in testing Mobile Marketing vendors and partners across all Media. They are starting well (but slow) with projects like the Gap's Mobile geo-fencing local bus shelters.

"Convergence is here (again)... this time between OOH and Mobile." (Heberle)

If you want more coolness that actually sells stuff (of course you do), ask me about the tech we are having the most success with ...  

Here is a great slide from Greg Stuart of the Mobile Marketing Assoc reminding us about the consumer's multimedia Path to Purchase (click to enlarge)...

The next most popular topic: Changing an "old school" media industry is...

Here is a nifty overview of the best of outdoor OBIE Awards 2014...

History is Bunk

The first bumper sticker should have been "History is bunk."

In 1916 Henry Ford,  said, "History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present, and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history that we make today."
Pepsi is not necessarily making history... but they are messing with now in a fun way...

Data Hogs

Information is only as valuable as the applied result.

"Slopefiller" skiers are leading most industries with Big (mountain) Data!

Don't you love and hate the line “if you can't measure it, you can't fix it” ... because we all want to rely on our honed but innate gut instincts... no need for analysis/paralysis ... make quick decisions... move on.  keep dreaming.

Check the data hogs that love to slop around with the feeds and numbers. 

Slopefillers is a rare and magical research service. They have matched their love for snowsports with their love for data and are sharing amazing insights into the "Active Lifestyle." Their partner Ryan Solutions offers CRM solutions and answers to amazing questions like the below "Stash." Answer is HERE.

See their revealing Dashboard of Social Media usage at the top ski resorts...

More Data ... applied.

FreshyMap is weather data applied for fun and value... find the fresh snow so you have more fun and get more out of the cost of your lift ticket! They also have a clever contest to find and win a pair of ski goggles... which you need... in the powder.

Your Lucky (7) Day

Good marketing is not ALL luck... just make sure you recognize when an unfamiliar form of it heads your way.

As luck would have it, below is a re-visit to a valuable report from Boston's smart and successful ad agency, Mullen about the 7 "Modes of the Mind."

The brands that advertise to the uniquely receptive consumers at our national network of ski resorts take advantage of a few of these 7...

Q: How many ways are there to connect with a consumer? 
A: Seven
Following months of proprietary research, we just this month announced the discovery of Modes of the Mind™, seven distinct behavioral characteristics of the human mind that can enable communicators to precisely engage with an audience at times of maximum receptivity.  Through a strategic collaboration between our brand planning, media innovations and performance analytics teams, we’re launching Modes of the Mind as a new connections planning system for our clients to tailor their consumer encounters (everything from messages to experiences to communities), delivery channels and timing to the point at which consumers are most open to engagement.
We have found that there are Seven Modes of the Mind that drive behavior and provide windows of opportunity to deeply penetrate the consumer’s mind 
(Note - red modes are where the Sitour audience mind is):
1.    Share Mode – self-express, ideate and opinionate
2.    Information Mode – stay informed and up to date
3.    Play Mode – active fun
4.    Research Mode – learning and problem solving
5.    Socialize Mode – connecting and conversing
6.    Entertainment Mode – relax and enjoy
7.    Task Mode – getting things done or transacting
These seven modes are directly linked to the derived behavioral satisfaction a consumer gets from engaging with media, content and technology – and it impacts how they identify with brands and interact with their peers.
“Brands have to take a new approach to connecting with the consumer – and go beyond a traditional understanding of demographics, psychographics and behavior,” says Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, who developed of the Modes of the Mind.  “Brands need to know how to engage consumers on their terms and to identify when the consumer is most likely to be receptive to what they have to say.  We’re quickly discovering that by leveraging the right combination of modes we can enhance the potential to influence how consumers think, feel and act.”
For the last few months we’ve been using the Modes of the Mind methodology to guide clients into deeper consumer engagements. For Lending Tree, we found, surprisingly, that Boomer refinance prospects were most open-minded to thinking about money while they’re in the mode of being entertained. For a new packaged goods client, we learned that Green-Moms were most open-minded to brand engagement when in the mode of socializing.  For Olympus, the Modes approach helped us confirm our theory that digital photography enthusiasts would be most receptive while being informed.
We’re still evolving ways to apply the Modes of the Mind™ and also developing relationships with neuroscientists and psychologists to further validate the theory. We know that different combinations of modes are relevant for different consumer segments.  Even for the same consumer, different modes may be more relevant than others, according to what category or brand they’re consuming.  What’s key is an understanding of which of the modes matters most – because in getting the modes right, we can enhance brand relationships and increase efficiencies.

Not-Advertising Sells the Feeling... Just Compare Choices

Advertising is changing ... for the better ...by not being advertising. 

One of our customers, GoPro, is re-defining how to leverage user-generated viral video to "advertise" a feeling that defines their amazing video products - Fast Company just put them at the top of their list of most innovative companies in advertising (along with Samsung, big old BBDO, and small young Rebel Mouse).

You sell your service or product when you meet the expectations of the right prospect at the right time... and motivate some level of sales action. Simple.

Yeah, it's more complicated than that (see my attempt at defining the elements of successful selling at http://bit.ly/TipsOnSellingOut), since communicating your value is about the feelings you give your buyers as well as how effectively you deliver the data they desire to make their decisions... this used to be called "Advertising."

Gopro gets more results with "Earned Media" (that UGC viral stuff)  But traditional Advertising still works and is your friend... When it comes to buying/selling Media, you should understand your choices. Here are prices of several Media. Are you feeling like you are giving/getting a deal?

Pittman's Poly-Media Power

Bob Pittman is an ideal person to be given the first Adweek "Media Visionary" award (see an overview here) because he has won and lost many battles across the evolution of almost every medium - Cable TV, Real Estate, theme parks, Online... now he is evangelizing the value of integrated marketing across Clear Channel's radio stations and Out-of-Home media... yes, good old-fashioned radio and billboards - that just happen to reach 240 million consumers per month.

I first met Bob (there he is in his NYC youth) when I was helping Sony convert his early MTV videos into little black plastic "Beta" boxes ... so consumers could shove them into bigger metal VCR boxes... and watch them at home... 

The 1980's version of "on demand media!"

His advice:  ignore the conventional wisdom ... don’t follow the technology ... don’t follow the hype ... follow the consumer. He wrote  in Adweek"...the winning plan is always a mix of media—each taking care of a specific piece of the puzzle and the whole mix delivering greater results than any one single piece. As the consumer shifts his or her usage of devices, the mix will continue to shift. And given the pace of change, the winners will be the ones who watch the consumer the closest and respond the quickest."

We believe Mobile Marketing will be at the center of it all... 20% of sales are thru mobile phones... and we are starting to rely on our phones to guide us thru our buying process. This is why at SitourUSA we are testing how messages and ads on our 5000 ski resort billboards, posters, and LED screens intersect with our "upscale active" consumer's mobile devices... on their way to buying at their next retailer or online.

We are pulling together all media including our own mobile app for skiers. Check out the resort maps, weather, and retailer listings and promos on your smartphone at www.iSki-USA.com 

Also, for our conversation about integrated multimedia for more effective marketing...

1) Read about this recent service launch - Posterscope and xAd Launch ‘Converged’ Billboard + Mobile Retargeting Capability

2) And this one (also claiming to be the "first of its kind") - Vistar And Verve Link DOOH, Mobile Screens, Create Location-Based Programmatic Platform


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